Saturday, 7 September 2013

[WhatsUpUoH] Message for all fresher students

Dear New Students,

          A warm welcome from the Computer Centre of the University of Hyderabad. For the internet usage you may please register with the Computer Centre and obtain a User Id and Password.
          All those students who have personal computers / laptops can request the Computer Centre to install Linux Operating System which can be used along with other available Operating Systems like Windows in dual boot mode. The Linux Operating System will have lot of software / applications useful for Mathematical / Statistical calculations. You can view and play any kind of music or audio CDs and in fact you can make any kind of online transaction as Linux is Virus Free.
          All those students who want to learn MS-Office to type day-to-day letters, thesis typing, etc. should register their names with the Computer Centre as soon as possible. We are planning to hold periodical workshops if a good number of students opt for the same.
          Further, we are proposing to hold a short course on Latex which is most beneficial and popular document preparation system used especially in Mathematics, Physics and Other Subjects. Those who would like to participate in this course should register their names with the Computer Centre as soon as possible.
         The Linux Operating System installation is most beneficial for Statistics called R. Those students who want to use Statistics in their disciplines like Humanities, Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, etc. can be introduced to this powerful software. If a good number of students express their interest and register with the Computer Centre, we are prepared a hold a workshop in the near future.
          Since the Computer Centre is meant for facilitating the students in all possible ways, all the students are advised  to make good use of it by contacting Mr. B. Balakrishna, Systems Manager, Computer Centre.
Prof. S. Kumaresan
Professor-in-Charge, Computer Centre

Systems Manager, Computer Centre
University of Hyderabad 
Hyderabad-500 046 

Ph: 23010367, 23132651, 23132635

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