Friday, 25 November 2016

Re: [WhatsUpUoH] An open letter to the University Engineer


The following are the images of a few routine scenes from North Campus ladies hostels 1 & 2:

Image 1: LH-1 

Image 2: The water flowing from the above pipe down to LH-2 entrance (this had been an everyday scene a few years ago, and now back again!)

Image 3: Pipe 1 from LH-2

Image 4: Pipe 2, LH - 2

The images are of water flowing from the rooftop water tanks in ladies hostel 2 and 1. This has become A routine morning scene at least since the past two months. Formerly, this used to be just occasional. It is not clear whether there are more instances of water wastage elsewhere in the ladies hostel complex here, as I have captured the images of only the ones in the vicinity of my hostel.

Most of the times, the water flow starts from about midnight, throughout the morning. In the last few weeks, this happens in the evening as well. I remember calling up the plumbing staff late night twice (three numbers are put up in ladies hostel 3 notice board) and alerted them about this only to get lame responses. Once, a plumbing staff said that he is not on duty; and when I called the person on duty he said he is in the south campus office and is unable to come to the north campus side. Suffice to say that most of the time, they come only in the morning and stop the water flow. I am tired of complaining to the hostel staff too. They keep ringing up the plumbing staff whenever we complain and stop at that. Apparently, the ballcock/ float valves are damaged and that's why we wake up to the daily morning music (I assume it is amply clear by now as to why I am enclosing an old email written by a former student complaining about the same issue exactly a year ago).

I am not sure if the concerned section already knows about this. If you do not, please take this as a complaint. If you do, please answer why you are letting this criminal wastage of gallons of water everyday.

Yours hopefully,

Greeshma Justin John
Centre for Regional Studies
University of Hyderabad

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 2:53 PM, Mohan K. Pillai <> wrote:
Dear Mr University Engineer,

Have you heard of float valves? They cost Rs 100-200 and are available at most hardware stores. It takes a plumber less than 10 minutes to install one. They are used to prevent overflow in water tanks.

Now why do I ask? Because of this phenomena that I have been observing over the last one month-

This is a daily scene from K hostel. Water overflows from tanks like this for 2-4 hours. Now how much water is that?

1 litre per three seconds. (yes, we measured. Thrice, and took an average, rounded to the nearest half-second).

Which is 20 litres per minute. 1200 litres per hour. Which is 4800 litres per day (assuming that this happens only for 4 hours a day, sometimes it is more).

One month, and numerous complaints later, water continues to flow. In fact, it continues to flow not just here, but in I hostel (has been quotidian since at least a year now), and several other places on campus. (no, we did not write a letter, but does the university administration need us to get a letter signed by 500 people, submit it in quadruplicate with a Rs 20 SBI challan, and sit on a hunger strike before people get up from their bureaucratic bottoms and fix float valves?)

Do you realise that this continues to happen when drought has been declared in five states already in our country? 40% of districts in India has received deficient rainfall this year. Our own Telangana has received 20% decreased rainfall. Crops are failing, farmers are committing suicide, and our university prefers to waste thousands of litres of water every day.

Please, get a few float valves and fix these tanks. Let us stop wasting so much water apathetically.

And while you are at it, please note than phenomena such as these-

caused by approaches such as these-

tend to beat the entire point of water purification, and leaves students in these hostels wondering about that weird algal taste in the water they drink. What are you waiting for? An outbreak of Legionnaires disease?
(this photo is from the K hostel water purifier on the roof. Three months and numerous complaints later.)

Yours sincerely,

A disgruntled student.

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